Getting Around Tokyo

Getting Around Tokyo with Budget Way

(If you are a first-timer visiting Tokyo, it might be useful to printout maps of JR and TokyoSubway.
Please open the following PDF and print them out. JR Line Map/TokyoSubway Map)

JR Line Map

TokyoSubway Map

TobuTojoLine Map

Local Guide & Free Paper


Tokyo Notice Board

Qto Japan

Tokyo American Club

Eat as much as you want in Tokyo

Following all-you-can-eat buffets are often called as ‘Viking’ (バイキング) or ‘Tabehoudai’ (食べ放題) in Japan.

Gold Kan: ¥1,680 (90min.)

Sushi Club: ¥1,050 (quantity over quality, but it’s really unlimited!)

Brazilian Churrasco
TUCANO’S: ¥2,200 Lunch, ¥4,900 Dinner

Indian Cuisine
Samrat: ¥1,100 Lunch

Taiwanese Cuisine
Taipei Yoichi: ¥980 Lunch

Secondhand English Bookstore in Tokyo

Infinity Books: Our recommendation for now…

Book Off Plus Nishi-Gotanda: The actual number of second hand english books might be rather limited, comparing with the now closed Shiroganedai shop in which once they used to hold the largest second hand english books selection in japan.

Kinokuniya: They may deal new books only nowadays.

Good Day Books: Their shops at Ebisu and Gotanda seem to have been temporarily closed.

English Broadcasting Radio in Tokyo

FM 76.1 InterFM

Eagle810 AM→InternetRadio

General Guide

Lonely Planet

Rough Guides

Hiragana Times