Special Offers

Free 1st Month Stay
If you are a first-timer staying at our shared house, your rent for the first month is free!
However the free stay month of this offer cannnot be included into the duration of 3 months minimum contract term, so that your minimum payment (i.e. 3 months rent in total) will not be affected by this offer.
This offer also is not applicable to those with an advanced booking. (If you are making an advanced booking, we ask you to pay your 1st month rent on your reservation. This payment is subject to confiscation on your cancellation to stay or failure to provide required documents to stay.)

¥5,000 Rent Off
If you are setting a monthly money transfer (定額自動送金) from your Japan Inland Bank Account, or making a whole rent payment in advance, you can apply for ¥5,000 Off on your monthly rent. Please see ¥5,000割引 for details and requirements for this offer.

¥1,000 Rent Off
Another ¥1,000 can be reduced from your monthly payment, if you set your monthly money transfer to 1 month in advance from the original due date.
Please see ¥1,000割引 for details and requirements for this offer.

Free Renewal Fee
Contract renewal fee which is required every 2 years can be free, on the condition of providing sufficient proof of tenant insurance covering the next 2 years of tenancy.