How To Rent

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Please do not visit our premises without an appointment.
Please also read through ‘What You Need For Our Contract’ , some documents may need to be arranged before leaving your country or sent by your relatives.

tel: 070-6516-7597 (GMT+9H 10:00-22:00)
e-mail: okabe’at’ (replace ‘at’ with @, send documents only, no appended file)

What You Need For Our Contract

Rent for the next month and insurance fee are required as an initial payment.
Remittance Only. We don’t take Cash or Credit Cards.
Please also prepare following bold-typed documents with one photo-copy each.

If you are Non-Japanese:
Passport with Valid Visa and Alien Registration Card (Resident Card from July 2012)
Domicile Registration Document (or Permanent Address Registration) in your country
Emergency Contact Address & Phone Number
E-Mail Address

(Mobile/Cell Phone for Japan inland is highly recommanded, as entrance key numbers & info will be constantly dispatched through an e-mail. See the Mobile/Cell Phone section on Getting Around.)
(We also recommend you to bring your own Notebook PC with wireless IEEE802.11, as OS and error messages in Japanese can be tricky unless you are fluent in the language. Electric supply in Japan is at 100V 50-60MHz)

If you are Japanese:
Photo ID
Resident and Domicile Registration (本籍記載住民票)
Emergency Contact Address & Phone Number
Mobile Phone (Cell Phone) With E-Mail Function

About Our Contract

Although a regular tenant contract is to be formed, the following amendments are made in accordance with the nature of our tenancy.
The actual contract will be written in Japanese, interpreted with Japanese laws under the jurisdiction of Japanese court. English translation of the contract will be given merely as a guidance.
Please note that your action will not be effective until it reaches to the party of interest under the Japanese contract interpretation, unless statutes regulate otherwise.

Our contract term starts from the 1st day of month, ends at the last day of month.
The minimum contract term is 3 months.
Your rent needs to be paid into our account monthly by the 1st day of previous month.
Your written notification for terminating tenancy has to be sent 2 months in advance.
The rent cannot be divided by days.
No refund is available.

Regardless of the actual bill term, electricity bill charged on the month needs to be paid by tenants of the month.
The payment for electricity is to be divided equally by heads, regardless of the proportion of individual usage.

No cleaner nor caretaker is provided, so that communal fucilities need to be maintained by tenants themselves.
Our tenants hold a right to unanimous veto (except the evicting subject) against the one who fails to comply with the residential sharing community.
Do not take guests or visitors into dormitories.

If you have used our futon set, wash it before the end of your tenancy or pay a futon cleaning charge.

Room Type and Rent

We offer Dormitory and Private Room in our shared house.
We do not offer En Suite Apartment.

Dormitory offers a bed and locker as a private space, while all other facilities are to be shared by residents.
Budget Stay Akabane ¥30,000/M
Budget Stay Naeba ¥35,000/M

Private Room offers a bedroom with minimum furnitures for private use. Other facilities are to be shared by residents.
Budget Stay Itabashi ¥35,000/M
Budget Stay Akabane ¥50,000/M

Unlike Apartment, these rooms are not en suite.
No matter which room type is to be chosen, kitchen toilet and shower facilities are to be shared.
(Communal facilities may vary depending on the actual premises.)

Please note that, while No Deposit, No Key Money, No Guarantor or No Contract Fee is required, we are not a hotel or hostel so that we still need a regular tenant contract and tenant insurance coverage (see How To Rent).
Minimum Contract Term is 3 months. (1st free month is to be excluded.)
Monthly Rent Only. No Daily or Weekly Rates.
No caretaker or cleaner is provided.
No smoking allowed inside. Please use balconies outside for the purpose.
Our Tokyo premises are equipped with Free Wireless Internet, Air Supply Filter and Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System.

Initial Costs

If you are a first-timer staying at Budget Stay, your rent for the first month is free!
Rent for the next month and tenant insurance fee are required as an initial payment.
(Regardless of an actual residential term, the tenant insurance in Japan covers 2 years.)
Transaction fees for the rent and tenant insurance need to be paid respectively by a tenant.

Total initial payment:
Budget Stay AkabaneDormitory ¥43,000 (i.e. ¥30,000 + insurance¥13,000)
Budget Stay AkabanePrivateRoom ¥63,000 (i.e. ¥50,000 + insurance¥13,000)
Budget Stay NaebaDormitory ¥48,000 (i.e. ¥35,000 + insurance¥13,000)
Budget Stay ItabashiPrivateRoom ¥48,000 (i.e. ¥35,000 + insurance¥13,000)
Please see ¥5,000 Rent Off Special Offer for a price down!

However, if you are making an advanced booking, we ask you to pay your 1st month rent on your reservation. This payment is subject to confiscation on your cancellation to stay or failure to provide required documents to stay.