Budget Stay – welcome to the most budget shared house in Tokyo, Japan

No Deposit, No Key Money, No Guarantor, No Contract Fee Required!

If you are a first-timer staying with us, your rent for the first month is free!

Dormitory (fully furnished) from ¥30,000 per month + electricity bill.
Private Room (semi-furnished) from ¥35,000 per month + electricity bill.
Cut down your accommodation spending with Budget Stay Japan ! (see Special Offers for further saving)

All our premises are equipped with Free Wireless Internet, Air Supply Filter and Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System.
For more information on our accommodations, either click a name of premises below, or use a gray-colored menu on the right hand side.

We are not a hotel or hostel. A regular monthly tenant contract & insurance are required (see How To Rent).
Minimum Contract Term is 3 months. No Daily Rate. Non Smokers Only.
No caretaker nor cleaner is provided.


Tokyo (東京)

Our current premises in Tokyo are at Akabane, Shimo and Itabashi.
We may open another accommodation in accordance with Our Safety Policy.
(We also disclose radiation & quake information on Our Safety Policy.)

Dormitory at Akabane,Shimo (赤羽,志茂):¥30,000/M
Private Room at Akabane,Shimo (赤羽,志茂):¥50,000/M

Budget Stay Akabane (バジェットステイ赤羽)     Map & Street View

80m (1min. walk) from TokyoSubway Shimo Station (東京メトロ南北線志茂駅) Namboku Line
1km (13min. walk) from JR Akabane Station (JR赤羽駅) Saikyo Line, Keihin Tohoku Line, Tohoku Honsen Line, Takasaki Line, Akabane Line

Private Room at Itabashi (板橋):¥35,000/M

Budget Stay Itabashi (バジェットステイ板橋)     Map & Street View

150m (2min. walk) from Tobu Shimo-itabashi Station (東武東上線下板橋駅) Tobu-Tojo Line
500m (7min. walk) from JR Itabashi Station (JR板橋駅) Saikyo Line
800m (10min. walk) from TokyoSubway Shin-itabashi Station (都営三田線新板橋駅) Mita Line
2km (25min. walk) from JR Ikebukuro Station (JR池袋駅) Yamanote Line, Saikyo Line, Tokaido Honsen Line, Yokosuka Line, Tohoku Honsen Line, Takasaki Line


Naeba (Mt.Naeba Snow Resort)

Dormitory at Naeba (苗場): ¥35,000/M

Budget Stay Naeba (バジェットステイ苗場)       Map & Street View

Naeba is about 180km away from Tokyo.
Budget Stay Naeba is in a walking distance from Mt.Naeba Snow Resort.
Mt.Naeba Snow Resort is the most popular snow resort in Japan.
For access and more information, please click the “Budget Stay Naeba” above.
We can provide free Ski & SnowBoard rental, but you still need your own boots and wears.