Our Safety Policy

Radiation in Tokyo

Please note that, unless being stated otherwise, the reading figures from monitoring posts indicate only γ radiation in any country.
Those figures are stable but tend to be lower than figures with α or β ray added.
Dose of Radiation in the World
Monitoring Posts in Japan East (in Japanese) measure γ radiation only.
Budget Stay Akabane γ <0.05μSv/H Sept 2012 (0.05 is the minimum figure displayable in our γ counter.)
Budget Stay Itabashi γ <0.05μSv/H Sept 2012 (do.)

β+γ readings in Japan (Click Here to open a google map.)
Please compare those figures to your local reading for β+γ. World Average is around 0.27μSv/H.
Since the reaching range of β ray is rather short, and from the nature of Geiger-Müller, the reading tends to be unstable.
Budget Stay Akabane β+γ 0.08-0.14μSv/H Sept 2012
Budget Stay Itabashi β+γ 0.09-0.15μSv/H Sept 2012

We may start measuring α+β+γ radiation, if Plutonium or Uranium is detected outside of Fukushima Prefecture.
Plutonium-sites in Fukushima have been covered with resin once detected, and there is no report of Plutonium or Uranium outside Fukushima so far.

Our Measures Against Radiation

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter:
Reverse Osmosis Water Filter is probably the only kind of filters that can effectively remove radio-active substances from water.
Although Tokyo municipal water is reliable today, radio-active Iodine and cesium had been detected during the last half of Mar 2011.
For an extra precaution and in order to ease your stress, we have decided to install reverse osmosis water filters.

5μmm-10μmm Air Filter:
5μmm-10μmm might be a bit coarse to prevent vaporised radio-active substances, but it is more than sufficient to repel dust and soil.
With over one year after Mar 2011, findings suggest that those radio-active substances are likely to attach to dust and soil nowadays.
From that reason, 5μmm-10μmm air filters are fitted to all our premises to keep necessary air flow.

Reinforced Concrete Structure with Double Windows:
All of our premises are RC-build, and fitted with extra windows inside.
It may not be effective as other measures above, but it still helps.
RC structure offers extra resistance against earth quakes as well.

Quake Damage Prediction

Tokyo Metropolitan Government May 2006 (PDF in Japanese)
Cabinet Office Jan 2010 (PDF in Japanese)
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Apr 2012 (PDF in Japanese)
→All those PDF files seem to have been deleted.

Those are worst case scenarios.
But we think that preparing for the worst is still a good idea.

Considering several different patterns of metroplitan area earthquake, it seems that Toshima-ku Itabashi-ku Kita-ku and Nerima-ku are relatively stable in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.
Those areas are also over 10km away from Tokyo Bay to avoid Tsunami.
Therefore we give a priority to those areas in an acquisition of properties.

Budget Stay Akabane: over 15km away from Tokyo Bay, over 20km on river length
Budget Stay Itabashi: over 10km away from Tokyo Bay, over 35m above the sea level