Budget Stay Itabashi(バジェットステイ板橋): Private Room @¥35,000/M

(Do not forget Special Offers for further saving)

Budget Stay Itabashi is located;
150m (2min. walk) from Tobu Shimo-itabashi Station (東武東上線下板橋駅) Tobu-Tojo Line
500m (7min. walk) from JR Itabashi Station (JR板橋駅) Saikyo Line
800m (10min. walk) from TokyoSubway Shin-itabashi Station (都営三田線新板橋駅) Mita Line
2km (25min. walk) from JR Ikebukuro Station (JR池袋駅) Yamanote Line, Saikyo Line, Tokaido Honsen Line, Yokosuka Line, Tohoku Honsen Line, Takasaki Line

Located in a residential area and next to Ikebukuro Station with Saikyo Line, Budget Stay Itabashi offers a calm life style yet an easy access to Central Tokyo.


4 private rooms with folding beds
2 sinks
1 toilet
1 shower
1 refrigerator
1 microwave oven
1 cooking heater
free wireless internet (OpticalLine100M,IEEE802.11ngb)
2 air-supply filters
2 air-conditioners (with ion air-cleaning function)
reverse osmosis water filter (3litter/hour)

(Please read through ‘How To Rent’ before visiting Budget Stay Itabashi)
305 Ikebukuro Hontyou Royal Corp
3-26-10 Ikebukuro Hontyou
Japan 170-0011

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Regular Garbage (Combustible): collected on every Monday and Thursday
Can, Bottle, PET Bottle (Recyclable): on every Tuesday
Glassware, Metalware, Stoneware, Porcelain, Light Bulb (Incombustible): on 1st and 3rd Friday

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